A sunny day, a favorite song playing on the radio, you pull up in front of a shop that just might have a lonely pair of old mine diamond earrings that long for someone who will appreciate them.   Eyeing row after row of modern rings, average earrings, common bracelets, and then you see it and your breathe catches.  You've found it, that overlooked, forgotten beauty, sitting right there, practically crying, pick me up, hold me.  Then it’s in your hands, a swirling Art Nouveau enameled necklace of the most amazing Prussian blue you've ever seen and it hits you, the necklace your holding might have graced the neck of a dolled up flapper, sipping a taboo cocktail, enjoying a night of brassy jazz, in a roaring 20’s speak easy.  Negotiations ensue.  You can’t look to eager; seem too overjoyed, but that voice in your head is screaming, “There is no way I am here leaving without this”.   Soon after, you tuck it into a shiny black box, nestled in a bed of cream confetti, content knowing it’s finally on its way to a new home, where it will be worn, enjoyed, and protected for years to come.

It’s truly a pleasure, delivering these forgotten beauties to you.

Elizabeth Mills 


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