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Antique Victorian 1893 Birmingham Etched Gold Wedding Band

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This antique Victorian, etched, 9K Rose Gold Band is a unique piece that is comfortable to wear.  This ring was made in 1893 and is about 120 years old.  For reference, things that happened in 1893:

  • The diesel engine was patented
  • The New York Stock Exchanged crashed, sparking what was known as the panic of 1893
  • Mikimoto develops a way to grow cultured pearls.  Before that pearls were more expensive than diamonds, since they had to be individually dove for in the ocean.
  • New Zealand is the first country to grant women the right to vote.  Colorado also grants women the right to vote.

The band is marked with the following: 

  • "E.V" which is the makers mark
  • a "9", ".375",  for 9K gold,
  • an anchor, which is a city mark for Birmingham England,
  • and lower case, stylized "t", the date code for 1893.  The upper right portion of the date letter is not well stamped.  In the photo, it looks a little like an upper case D, but under a loupe (high magnification), the upper right is actually gold from the ring that wasn't struck, not part of the date stamp.  The date codes are available on the Birmingham Assay Website.

This is a unique rose gold band, with great antique flair. 

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Ring Size: US 6, British M, French 52.  This ring can be resized, but doing so may alter the engraving pattern.

Date: 1893

Weight: 1.3 grams or 0.8 dwt