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Antique Wedding Band from Edwardian 1908 to 1909 in Wide Rose Gold

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This Antique Wedding Band, from 1908 - 1909 is made of smooth, polished 9K Rose Gold that is comfortable to wear.  This ring is 8.12 mm wide and was a bit difficult to photograph.  The colors on the picture on the hand are true to in person.  This ring is 105 - 106 years old.  We've had our favorite jeweler polish this ring, so it's ready to go.  For reference, things that happened in 1908 & 1909:

  • The first Model T car is produced by Henry Ford.
  • Hoover acquired the rights to manufacture the recently invented upright vacuum.
  • Wright brothers sold the first military plane to the United States Army Signal Corp.

The band is marked with the following: 

  • "H.A", with the dot centered vertically between the H and the A is the makers mark for Henry Hyde Aston.  Henry registered his company in 1862 at 12 Regent Place, Birmingham.  His father Thomas Aston, half brother William Aston, and brother Charles Hyde Aston were also silversmiths - jewelers, operating out of the same 12 Regent Place address.  Henry died in 1869 and use of his mark was continued by Charles Hyde Aston, who specialized in wedding rings.  When Charles Hyde Aston died in 1876, his son Charles Henry Aston (1869-1916), continued to manufacture wedding rings.  This particular ring was manufactured by Charles Henry Aston.
  • a "9", ".375",  for 9K gold,
  • an anchor, which is a city mark for Birmingham England,
  • and lower case, "i", the date code for 1908-1909.  The date codes are available on the Birmingham Assay Website.  Generally, the date code is comprised of both the typeface of the letter and the style of box around the letter.  However, it is well known that the rules for the style of the box around the letter were not always followed.  Most Birmingham rings we see from this time frame, all have the same style of box.  The typeface on the letter matches the year 1908-1909.

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Ring Siz : US 7 1/4, British O, French 55.  This ring can be resized.

Date: 1908 - 1909

Weight: 5.6 grams or 3.6 dwt

Width: 8.12 mm