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Art Deco Sterling Guilloche Enamel Necklace Watch Chain

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This Guilloche Necklace, Guilloche Watch Chain is a lovely example of Art Deco jewelry from the 1915-1930's.  This chain is stamped 925 for Sterling Silver and has wonderful engine turned Guilloche detail on all of the blue and white enameled links.  The enamel is in lovely condition considering the age of the piece.  We noticed only one small spot where some enamel is missing and one small area were the enamel is thin.  As for the chain, it is also in lovely condition.  We did notice where the chain connects to the clasp was broken in the past and the ring is not soldered, but holding the chain.  This Guilloche necklace has an amazing level of detail that is rarely seen in modern jewelry.  The photographs that were taken in the lightbox (white background) had a tendency to not show the engine turning detail very well.  We've included a picture on a glass background that shows the engine turning details under room lighting conditions.

For your enjoyment, all purchases ship gift wrapped with a blank gift card.  This item will ship in a velvet pouch.

Length: about 28.5 inches

Stamped:  925

Date Estimate: 1915-1930's

Weight: 14.7 grams or 9.4 dwt