Cut Steel Choker in Sea Green Velvet


This necklace is comprised of an antique Cut Steel Buckle, that has been polished back to a high shine and used as a focal piece on a sea green velvet choker necklace.  The velvet and the clasp are new, the Cut Steel is antique.  The Cut Steel slides freely (but tight) on the velvet.  The catch for the buckle has been permanently removed.  

Cut steel buckles are a wonderful piece of history, but shoe buckles are not worn in modern times.  It's sad to see hundred year old, beautiful pieces of history languishing, used, and unloved.  Removing the buckle catch, ensured the piece will again be cherished, used, and enjoyed.

Cut Steel was produced during the end of the eighteenth century (1700's), through the end of the nineteen century (1800's).

For your enjoyment, all purchases ship gift wrapped.  This item will ship in a velvet pouch.

Date: Antique Cut Steel, on a new necklace (not silver)
Care: Cut Steel should be kept dry and stored in a dry place.
Weight: 12.5 grams or 8.0 dwt

Dimensions: Velvet: 11 1/2 inches long by 7/8 inch wide.  Whole Necklace, including clasp: 15 1/2 inches long. Cut Steel: 7/8 th inch wide by 1 1/4 inch tall.