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Georgian Ring: Rose Cut Diamond Ring

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This Georgian Ring features black enameling over Yellow Gold with a Rose Cut Diamond set in a commanding claw setting.  Georgian refers to the period time from 1714 through roughly 1837, during the reigns of George 1st though George the 4th.  Jewelry from this era is becoming extremely difficult to find.

This particular Georgian ring features scrolling leaves of gold, highlighted by black enameling that runs to points on the shoulders.  The center of the ring features a Rose Cut Diamond in a claw setting.  The round diamond measures 5.7 mm by 5.7 mm on the widest part of the sides.  Most rose cut diamonds were cut with a flat bottom and therefor had a flat bottom gold backing.  However this diamond has a round bottom gold backing, meaning there may be more diamond weight filling out the round bottom.  We suspect that might be the case, due to reflections of other facet lines we are seeing.  The only way to tell for certain would be to unmount the stone, which we will not do to a ring that is over 175 years old.  Diamond depth, assuming there isn't additional diamond weight in the round bottom is estimated at 3.2 mm.  This makes an estimated carat weight of .58, just over a half carat.  Again, we suspect there might be additional diamond weight on the bottom that we are not accounting for. 

As for grading, to grade this stone using a modern grading scale, would be completely incorrect.  This ring predates all modern faceting methods and predates the discovery of African diamonds, which made diamonds more accessible to the average person.  This diamond does have a white inclusion in the center of the stone and several pinpoint black crystals.  This particular diamond glints flashes of color when you look at the diamond from different angles.  

There is a few small spots of loss to the enamel and the ring has been repaired with a laser weld on one side.  The weld was immaculately done.  We've included pictures of both sides of the ring.  As for the gold, an XRF Analyzer calculated the gold content as 7.5 Karat.  X-ray fluorescence testing allows for testing of gold without damaging the item.

This is ring exudes antique and is perfect for a connoisseur who appreciates the rarity of owning a diamond ring that predates the Civil War and predates railroads.  This rings would look great on either a man or a woman.

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Caring for this ring:  Since the diamond is backed, we do not recommend getting this ring wet.

Ring Size: US 7.5, French 55, British O1/2, Japanese 15.  This ring can be resized.

Stamped: unmarked.  X-Ray Florescence Tested: 7.5K

Date: Georgian Period. 1800's - 1830's due to the combination of a rose cut diamond, with a round bottom gold covered back.

Weight: 2.8 grams or 1.8 dwt

Note: We do not remove stones from their settings and therefor stone weights may vary. We test all diamonds using the Gemlogis Ciel Diamond\Moissanite tester.