New Smokey Topaz Pendant in Sterling Silver


Smokey Topaz Pendant is comprised completely of Sterling Silver.  This dainty Smokey Topaz Dangle Pendant, would make for a lovely, inexpensive gift, or for your everyday enjoyment.  This Smokey Topaz Drop Pendant is new, not antique.  The Smokey Topaz gem is set in a 6x4mm Sterling Silver setting, for an estimated 0.9 (just under one) carat total.  This sparkly Brown Smokey Topaz Silver Pendant will ship in a small plastic bag.  This would make a lovely bridesmaid gift or mother of the bride gift.  Smokey Topaz is actually a misnomer.  All Smokey Topaz is actually a Smokey Quartz.  

Weight: 0.3g

Size: 3/4 Inch Long by 3/16 (just over 1/4 inch) wide