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Victorian Bohemian Garnet Brooch - Imperial German Eagle

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This antique, Victorian Bohemian Garnet brooch features the vivid deep red, true Bohemian Garnets.  Bohemian Garnets refer to a specific type of garnet, which was mined in the mountains of the former Bohemian empire, which is now part of the Czech Republic.  Although Bohemian Garnet jewelry is still produced today, the new pieces utterly pale in comparison to the antiques.  The antiques featured deep, vivid red garnets and attention to detail.  In the antiques, prongs were usually small and dark in color, so they did not distract from the garnets.  The modern pieces have a watered down, duller look to the garnets and have larger prongs, often set in a distracting bright silver.  

The Bohemian Garnet brooch is shaped in the shape of a crowned eagle, which closely resembles the Imperial Eagle of the German Empire from 1889 to 1918.  The clasp is an original C Clasp with a tube hinge.  The fact that the pin extends past the end of the brooch, indicates it's an early piece.  The pin extending beyond the brooch was a early safety feature, which allowed the pin to set into the clothing.  This historic brooch would be a eye catcher on a jacket or a hat.

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Date: Victorian to Edwardian.

Weight: 4.1 grams or 2.7 dwt