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Victorian Locket made from Vulcanite with a Bacchante Cameo

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A Victorian Vulcanite Bacchante Cameo Locket of a lovely lady with grapes and leaves in her hair. Bacchante is the female depiction of the Greek God Bacchus, the God of Wine, also the God of Revelry or Partying.  Vulcanite was a rubber compound that hardens and can take carving as well as polishing.  Vulcanite was used in Victorian mourning jewelry and as an alternative to Jet.   Vulcanite naturally takes on a brownish hue over time.  The inside is covered in tiny carvings of flowers and leaves.  Pictures do not do the inside details justice.  This locket still has both of its original glass inserts and are not cracked.  We removed the glass using a dental pick for cleaning.  These lockets were often worn on a black satin ribbon tied at the back of the neck.

This necklace will ship in a velvet pouch with a blank gift card.  We offer layaway with no fees and interest.

Stamped: none

Measures: Roughly 2 inches long by 1 1/4 inch wide by 7/8 inch deep

Estimated Date: 1860-1880's

Weight: 15.3 grams or 9.8 dwt